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Retention & Culture Fit

Build a passionate workforce with us!

We help people find and Tech or Digital Job they Love!

Our mission is to make sure you find people with the right culture fit driving passion, commitment, and retention at your workplace!

At WunderTalent we truly believe that people work better when they enjoy doing what they do. We help employers and individuals to match together based on the system of values and beliefs they live by so they can grow together creating a better future.

Some Facts and Figures

  • A bad hire for a £40,000 vacancy can cost you upwards of £100,000.
  • 85%+ of employees fail because of their attitude rather than skill.
  • Organisations with higher employee engagement are over 20% more productive than their peers with less employees.
  • Culture fit directly correlates with increased wellbeing at work ….. Companies with higher employee wellbeing have 25% lower absenteeism.
  • Happy employees are 10%+ more productive than average workers.