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Build Your Employer Brand

Brand work usually starts with reviewing your job descriptions, adverts and corporate website to make sure they’re not actively putting people off. 

And sometimes that’s enough.

But imagine if we took the time to understand what is unique about your workplace. To understand what the competition are saying and doing. To find the white space that you can own. To work out how we describe things so your people want to yell it from the rooftops.

Soon we’re in the realms of delivering online and offline campaigns that allow you to hire a bunch of people who would never have considered you before.

Along the way we’ll build relationships between recruiting and marketing, helping everyone tell your story better.

Doesn’t that sound great? We could get started tomorrow when you book an employer brand package.

Let’s sprinkle some glitter over what you do. In this package I will;

  • Review/update existing job descriptions/adverts and advise on how to make them better. This includes making them more appealing to potential applicants from under-represented groups, how to remove long shopping lists of requirements, and copywriting changes to make them consistent and more appealing.
  • Audit your careers site. This includes a review of imagery, tone and SEO and suggestions for changes.
  • Suggest improvements to your hiring process. This is highly customised to your business and will look at assessment basics, review for bias and uncover ways to keep your preferred candidates engaged through-out.

Fix Your Hiring Process

When was the last time you defined your hiring process? Or are you just doing what you’ve always done?

A good hiring process evaluates people fairly and consistently, and encourages them to join your organisation. Yet so many companies get it wrong.

Some organisations (and many candidates) are waking up to hiring processes designed to evaluate potential, experience and values-alignment, over the ability to cope with a stressful whiteboard session.

Fixing a hiring process usually involves:

  • Understanding the skills required for the role and building a set of hiring criteria
  • Defining the stages of the hiring process to get a 360 degree view of the potential hire
  • Creating real-world scenarios to evaluate both potential and experience
  • Defining the selling points of a role and looking at the overall candidate experience
  • Working out who’s doing what and training your people to be better interviewers

Build a Pipeline

A turn-on and turn-offable stream of people ready to apply when you need them. Sounds rather marvelous, doesn’t it?

While not quite as simple as turning on the tap, adding a sourcing mentality to your recruiting team is one of the steps to scaling your capability and can reduce reliance on external agencies.

We’ll put in place the technology and process to attract specific roles or groups of people, and get you started with a bunch of people to nurture. We’ll mentor your existing team, so they have the knowledge for this to become embedded in your recruiting function.

This work is great for companies where

  • There’s a desire to deliberately change the demographic of the organisation
  • There’s a change in the type of roles and talent that the organisation needs
  •  The existing team is laser-focused on the hiring plan and lack the innovation time/skills to build a new capability
  • A high number of direct applicants mean the team are traditionally more comfortable taking candidates through the process than sourcing directly
  • You need a step-change in the number of hires you have to make
  • There’s a move to thinking about the employer brand, and building long-term relationships with potential candidates

Interview Training

From a brown bag lunch session on changing mindsets, to facilitating and training to set a shared manifesto and style for your team, let’s customise your interviewing.

Most companies rely on a hodgepodge of interview techniques picked up from previous employers.

Let’s build something you can call your own.

With this set of mindset changes and questioning techniques designed to level the playing field in the interview room, you might not need that unconscious bias training after all.

We could start tomorrow with my off the shelf, 90 minute long session on interviewing basics, with a specific focus on simple mindset changes to become a better interviewer. We cover different questioning types, interview structure and effective interview pairing.

We do all of this for you for a monthly fee and you keep all the data, candidates sourced with our alternative recruitment model.